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1. Cancellations: Any last-minute cancelation is subject to a $50 charge. This is to respect our scheduling efforts and the time of the team that was reserved for you.


2. 100% Guarantee: We have a 100% guarantee of our services withina specific time frame.Please contact us right away and follow us a moment to follow up.


3. Complaints: If you do have a complaint, we need to be informed of it right away. Our team can return to re-do any areas that were missed. Unfortunately, Fresca Clean will not be held liable for any lost money if not given the chance to return to address these issues, including after inspection by a Property Manager.  


4. Damages: In the case of any damage, please inform us immediately with a photo of the damage and the date it occurred. We reserve the right to fix any damages and use our insurance for any accident that occurred while our team was on site. If you do choose to replace it directly with the client rather than contacting us, we will not be held liable or issue a direct deposit or refund. The claim must go through our company directly. 


5. Delays: After 15 minutes of our team's arrival on site, we will start charging for the service. 


6. Time-Extension: We will inform you right away if the time estimated is too little or too much and if our team requires an extension. If this time-extension is not approved, our team will do their best; however, we cannot 100% guarantee the service in the time sold. It is our responsibility to leave any place clean, ready and uphold our highest standard. For this reason, we will inform you if we do require more time. 


All Fresca Clean employees are covered by WCB


Fresca Clean is a licensed and Insured BC Company

Teams travel in groups to ensure efficiency and safety

Your space and information is protected at all times.

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