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At Fresca Clean, we believe that a clean space is not just a luxury but a fundamental right. With an unwavering commitment to superior cleaning standards and exceptional customer service, we have redefined the art of cleaning. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to transform your environment into a spotless sanctuary. Experience the perfect blend of prestige and down-to-earth service with Fresca Clean.

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Welcome to Fresca Clean! I'm Mindy and over the past 8 years our family has grown Fresca Clean into a community dedicated to elevating our workplace and customer service standards in the cleaning industry. Our collaborators, extended members of the Fresca family, work closely with us to serve families and businesses in the community.

Fresca Clean is a Canadian company, 100% reflecting my roots and values in honesty, transparency, and diversity. These principles are ingrained in every aspect of our company, from communication to service delivery. Our staff is rigorously trained and certified in industry standards, ensuring the highest quality in every cleaning service. Join us on this inspiring journey and discover how Fresca Clean can make your day-to-day life happier. 

At Fresca Clean, our commitment goes beyond conventional cleaning. We aim to bring the satisfaction of a clean and healthy space to all families. Our story is one of dedication, community spirit, and the constant pursuit of a more fulfilling life upon arriving back to a clean and healthy space.


Working at Fresca Clean has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being lead by, and working with, empowering and hardworking women is quite inspiring for me. Professionally, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow. I’m so proud of us as a company and as a team ❣

Daniela Burciaga


At Fresca Clean we are dedicated to helping our customers uphold cleanliness in the places that matter most: their homes. Advancing our technical skills and applying best practices for cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention enables us to achieve this goal.

Learn more about our certification and our cleaning philosophy.

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