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Here are some (but not all) of our key employees that are essential to Fresca Clean's success, bringing dedication and exceptional skills to the forefront.

Mindy Thompson (Ventura) 

Founder, Director of Operations 

Mindy drives the company's commitment to cleaning excellence. With a wealth of leadership experience and a decade dedicated to education, her passion extends beyond team success to a profound dedication to community service. Mindy's unique approach ensures top-notch cleaning services and fosters a caring environment for each team member. Under her visionary guidance, Fresca Clean has become more than just a cleaning service – it's a symbol of purposeful commitment and genuine care.


Senior Housekeeper Supervisor

Betty has been an integral part of Fresca Clean since day one, showcasing her outstanding professionalism and exceptional human qualities for the past 8 years. Currently serving as the Senior Housekeeping Supervisor, she elevates our services to new heights. Betty is of immense value to the company, embodying a wealth of experience and dedication.


Post Construction Supervisor & Senior Housekeeper

Martha, a dedicated member since the beginning of Fresca Clean, embodies unwavering commitment, dedication, and high-level performance. As our Post Construction Senior Housekeeper, she brings exceptional skills, a courteous smile, and a motivating attitude that uplifts the team.

Picture Nora .JPG

Certified Cleaning Specialist

Nora is a valued member with a meticulous eye for detail and ensures that every space she tends to is impeccably refreshed. She shows resourcefulness, has a strong work ethic, and shows excitement to be part of a hard-working team.


 Certified Cleaning Specialist

Meet Brenda, a Certified Cleaning Specialist, known for her efficient communication and reliability. With a keen understanding of effective cleaning techniques, Brenda consistently exceeds expectations, contributing to the high standards upheld by Fresca Clean.


Operations Manager

Daniela is a driving force at Fresca Clean, where her professionalism and passion propel the company forward. Daniela ensures seamless operation with precision, leveraging her expertise in time management and adept conflict resolution. As Mindy's right-hand person, she oversees all operations and scheduling and manages relationships with clients and collaborators. Daniela's commitment and skills contribute significantly to the smooth functioning of Fresca Clean, making it a well-orchestrated success.

Picture Yari.JPG

Senior Housekeeper Supervisor

Yari, with her vibrant energy and professional expertise, has been an invaluable member of Fresca Clean for 4 years. As Senior Housekeeping Supervisor, she brings a dynamic approach to our services, consistently pushing the boundaries of excellence. Yari is a crucial asset to the company, embodying exceptional qualities that significantly contribute to our success.


Deep Cleaning Specialist

Harumi showcases her professional skills through meticulous attention to detail. Serving as our expert in deep cleaning, Harumi's quiet dedication sets her apart. She is not only hard working and resourceful, but also contributes immensely to the professional atmosphere within the team. 


Certified Cleaning Specialist

Miriam exhibits exceptional organizational skills and a proactive approach to her work. Her dedication to providing excellent customer service and a spotless environment creates a positive and inviting atmosphere for everyone. 

Alex photo.jpg
Alex Ventura

Director Sky’s the Limit by Ventura

Alex, boasting over 30 years of expertise in construction and professional work across residential, commercial, and strata spaces, brings unparalleled knowledge and skill to elevate the standards of cleanliness and maintenance. Spearheading our exterior cleaning division called Sky's the Limit, he is responsible for glass cleaning, gutters, power washing, soft washing, carpet and upholstery cleaning. 


Working at Fresca Clean has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being lead by, and working with, empowering and hardworking women is quite inspiring for me. Professionally, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow. I’m so proud of us as a company and as a team ❣

Daniela Burciaga


At Fresca Clean we are dedicated to helping our customers uphold cleanliness in the places that matter most: their homes. Advancing our technical skills and applying best practices for cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention enables us to achieve this goal.

Learn more about our certification and our cleaning philosophy.

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