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Making your expectations clear


  • Disinfect counters and outside of all cupboards, open slightly to do inner ledges

  • Clean down every item on the counter and clean underneath as well, and backsplash

  • Disinfect switches and high touch wall areas

  • Clean reachable windows from the inside, frames and ledges

  • Clean stove surfaces, the glass plate, burners, outer oven door and top of hood fan. No oven, unless arranged in advance, for an extra fee.  

  • Inside the refrigerator, only cleaning the edges around the items, moving one or two items. If more is needed, please schedule extra time in advance, and yes, there will be an extra charge if we are taking everything out to clean it well.

  • Clean toaster, coffee machine and microwave, inside and out

  • Clean and polish the sink and sink faucet

  • Wash a few daily dishes that are present, unless dish washing duties have been previously agreed upon. Excessive amount of dishes, pots or pans, can result in extra charge. 

  • Quickly clean under the sink, moving a few things if needed, but by not emptying it

  • Empty Garbage and wipe the outside of the container 

  • Vacuum and wash the floors


  • Make the bed, change sheets if clean ones left out

  • Tidy if needed, paying attention to organization 

  • Dust all hard surfaces: night tables, bed frames, dressers

  • Clothes on the floor go in the laundry

  • Closets opened, floor cleaned (unless otherwise requested)

  • Disinfect high touch surfaces

  • Check window sills and blinds

  • Clean mirrors

Everywhere Else

  •  Dust baseboards, ledges, handles, and picture frames

  • Mirrors and windows cleaned where possible

  • Sanitize high touch points 

  • Organize shoes and clean floor 

  • Vacuum and mop


  • Dust the corners, baseboards, walls from top to bottom, checking the ceiling fan

  • Empty the trash can and wipe the bin clean (as needed)

  • Sanitize the vanity walls, exterior of the cupboards, drawer handles (do not open drawers) and polish chrome fixtures

  • Clean outlets, switches,  doors, door handles and drawers

  • Sanitize the bathtub and shower, inside and out, ensuring that tiles are scrubbed, grout lines are brushed, glass is clear, porcelain is buffed, and chrome fixtures are polished

  • Clean the shower drain and sink

  • Move all products out of the shower and on display over the sink. Clean and tidy

  • Sanitize the toilet, including behind, underneath, and in front

  • Pick up items on the floor, clean them, and replace them in the same place 

  • Clean and shine the glass and mirror surfaces in the bathroom

  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, light switches, door handles and door frames 

  • Spot clean walls and baseboards

  • vacuum and disinfect the bathroom and floors, use brush in any needed grout lines

  • Polish all chrome and fixtures, fold and place paper and towels neatly

  • High dust corners, lights, fans, pictures, behind door, above mirrors, cabinets, and shower

Living Room

  • Vacuum/dust the couches, under and behind (where possible, without moving it)

  • Wash floors where applicable 

  • Dust everywhere and blinds

  • Check under sofa cushions, cleaning when needed

  • Wipe/dust coffee tables and side tables, fireplace mantle, shelves, remote controls

  • Dust baseboards, picture frames, ledges, window sills, blinds

Tips for a better cleaning experience

Declutter: Before beginning the cleaning process, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to declutter and organize the space. Removing unnecessary items will contribute to a more efficient cleaning experience

Garbage: Every house is unique, and we may not know what to do with you garbage. Unless previously known, please understand that when a cleaner places a full bag of garbage near your door, it is because they do not know where to dispose of it. 

Temperature: Please turn off the heat before we arrive. Your hard working  humans are moving and sweating, and it’s overwhelming for them with hotter temperatures. The same is true for hot days. Please make it cooler before their arrival. 

Clean Towels – If you can, please leave clean towels and bath mats for us to replace

Clean Bed Sheets – If you would like your bed sheets changed, please leave a clean set for us to replace. Washing sheets is an extra task, requiring an amount of time. 

Take care of your personal items: Please dispose of empty containers yourself. We do not assume something needs to be thrown away, just in case in doesn’t. 

Privacy and Respect: We will not open bathroom or bedroom cabinets without your express consent, as we highly value your privacy and respect for your personal spaces.

Garbage Bags: Please provide replacement garbage bags 


Dishes: Remember that if there's a substantial stack of dishes to wash, we may not have enough time to focus on other kitchen areas. 

Extractor Hood: Ensure that the extractor hood located above the stove is removed and cleaned periodically. It is an important part of the kitchen that can accumulate grease and dirt.

Lighting Fixtures: In some kitchens, recessed lights or pendant fixtures can collect dust and grease over time. 

Recycling: We can help you take it out, but please leave it in an organized manner


Get in touch with us to discuss the different packages that we offer.  We're here to help.

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