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Making your expectations clear

01. First Pass / Rough Clean

  • The primary focus is windows and frames, air vents, tiles (where the grout lines are) and floor garbage/cardboard. 

  • Window sills need to be cleaned perfectly, even the inside areas. Use a sponge and soapy hot water to get paint and stickers off the windows, and a blade or wipe with difficult areas. This should not take too long, but if there is a problem with a material on the windows that is difficult to clean, please advise the office, because there could be a problem with the work of the builders and we will take this concern to the supervisors of the site. 

  • Report to the manager when there are leaks of water under the sink. We are the first to realise it, and it happens more often than we think, so that everyone reports on these things, or something more broken or irregular

  • Do not focus on cleaning inside/outside the cupboards.

  • Lift the cardboard off the hard floor, but not the plastic from the carpet. 

  • Take the plastic off the walls and prepare the area for the appliances to be put in. Keep the plastic on the appliances and toilets. Remove stickers but leave the green tape.

  • Remove the cardboard off the floor and sweep general floor garbage, take all to the garage. 

  • There may or may not be water and/or electricity. Be prepared with drinking water and food that doesn’t need a microwave, and warm clothes if the weather is cold. 

02. Second Pass / Deep Clean

  • This cleaning will make everything perfect! 

  • Clean all cupboards, inside and out, on top

  • Dust all walls, baseboards, windows and sills 

  • (Very perfectly) clean all tiles of silicone, dried cement, stickers, plastic

  • Take off plastic from all toilets and appliances

  • Clean lights, lamp glass, etc 

03. Third Pass "Quick" & Final Refresher

  • This is to make the area ready for the new owners

  • If this is completely covered in dust, please advise the office that there is more work than usual. It “should” be easy and fast! 

  • Ensure that the space is ready and have everything checked by a site supervisor before leaving.


Get in touch with us to discuss the different packages that we offer.  We're here to help.

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